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Phishing attacks are on the increase with 76% of organisations reporting being victims.


Most anti-phishing services rely exclusively on internal education. But what happens when you are under attack?


The weakest link of any cyber security system is always the user. It only takes one carefully crafted phishing email and one user to open it, to result in a serious and potentially devastating security breach. It’s why phishing attacks remain a popular method for hackers to distribute ransomware that encrypts valuable corporate data, then demands payment to release it.

Big Red Button – Phish is the only anti-phishing service that offers employee education, phishing simulation and phishing mitigation all in a single price per user package. 

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Big Red Button – Phish offers the following standard features:


Online user phishing education


Quarterly randomised phishing simulation


Big Red Button for reporting suspicious emails


Email response for all reported emails


Real time phishing status dashboard


Backed by Hiscox Insurance


Big Red Button – Phish provides you with the following benefits:

  • Quick to set up – you can be protected in minutes

  • Free-up the time of your IT and Operations teams

  • Gives you peace of mind from phishing attacks and email threats

  • Meets your cyber security insurance due-diligence

  • UK based for your easy access to our friendly support team

  • Protect your people and help them stay safe on-line