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60% of SMEs go out of business within 6 months of a security incident.


Do you understand what cyber threats your company could be exposed to?

Does your IT team know how to respond in the event of a targeted cyber attack? With organisations taking 100s of days on average to detect a breach, would you even know you are under attack?


Protecting company data is critical, and failing to do so carries significant costs, with fines by regulatory bodies on the increase, and customers moving their business to secure service providers.

Big Red Button – Net is a fully managed Cyber Security Operations Centre (C-SOC), providing a simple, clear, risk-centric view of your entire organisation, both on premise and in the cloud. 


Big Red Button – Net offers the following standard features:


Upfront cyber security maturity rating


Proactive security monitoring of all nodes in scope


Backed by Hiscox Insurance


Proactive response to cyber security incidents


Threat Intelligence integration


Delivered from our UK Security Operations Centre


Big Red Button – Net provides the following benefits:

  • Proactively detect and respond to cyber attacks on your network

  • Minimise the impact of cyber breaches to your applications and data

  • The only service that offers direct cost savings for improving your cyber security rating

  • Simply packaged to make it easy for you to understand and purchase

  • We keep your logs safe and available

  • A team of passionate geeks looking after your people and your data