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390,000 malicious programs are registered every day by AV-Test Institute.


What if malware comes in from a source other than email?

Traditional anti-malware products need to be installed on every single corporate device. With additional strain being put on IT departments, maintaining and updating client based anti-malware software across the entire organisation is a difficult, and often impossible, task.


Big Red Button – Click provides a different approach, sitting at your gateway monitoring all outbound DNS requests and preventing users from interacting with malicious sites. It will also detect other unknown threats present within your network.


Big Red Button – Click offers the following standard features:


Automatic blocking of known bad sites


Protects against targeted threats and spear-phishing sites


Shared threat intelligence


Uses malware against itself


Complete network protection


Backed by Hiscox Insurance


Big Red Button – Click provides the following benefits:

  • Quick to set up – protect your entire organisation in minutes

  • Augments and complements your existing controls and defences

  • Free-up the time of your IT and Security teams

  • Gives you peace of mind from all cyber threats

  • Meets your cyber security insurance due-diligence

  • UK based for your easy access to our friendly support team

  • Stay safe, even when you don’t know you are a target